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Types of Panic Attacks

Driving panic attack

It is never pleasant for anyone who suffers from panic attack since it is very difficult to overcome. By learning the types of panic attack, it will be much easier to identify the roots of your problem, and even reduce the cause of your anxiety disorders.

Nocturnal Panic Attacks
Have you ever waken up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat, out of breath, and your heart pounding rapidly, all for absolutely detectable reason? If this is familiar, you have a nocturnal panic attack. This type of attacks is less common than daytime panic problem.

You can prevent this nocturnal attacks by easing your physical symptoms so that they do not come up again when you are sleeping. You can do deep breathing and muscle relaxation. Understanding these four most common types of panic attack are also beneficial to calm your fear if you are able to share your fear to someone. In extreme cases, it is recommended for you to seek out therapy and anti-anxiety medication to stop your body from sudden triggering anxiety.

Driving Associated Panic Attacks
For some people, driving a vehicle can be very challenging, and stressful experience. There are a significant number of global populations who suffer from this type of anxiety. However, people don’t know that drivers don’t fear of the driving itself. They rather fear of experiencing stress while driving.

In order to overcome this panic, you should confront the source of your horror. The more hours you drive, the easier you attach positive association to driving. You should try to drive in remote locations. Get yourself accustomed to driving atmosphere such as controlling gas pedal and brakes, the gear shift, windshield wipers, and headlights. Drive in silence, or you can play soothing music. You may ask someone to accompany you while driving, to avoid a feeling of isolation. When you are accustomed to the act of driving, you should experience slowly with driving in more crowded, populated areas. In time, you can expect that driving will be more natural to you.

Menopausal Anxiety Disorders
Menopausal Anxiety DisordersThis type of panic attacks are fairly associated among women. This is caused by hormonal fluctuations that lead into shifts in mood.

If you are suffering from this menopausal anxiety attack, you may find numerous ways in which you can ease these symptoms. For instance, these mood fluctuations are sometimes triggered when you are in shortage of essential supplement. You should consult your doctor to diagnose what nutrients you are lacking and compensate accordingly.

Also you can help ease the symptoms by recognizing the source of your fear, and performing steps and methods to rationalize your anxiety and solve the associated problems.

Substance Related Panic Attacks
You should know that excessive consumption of nicotine, caffeine and other stimulant will bring higher risk of disorder. Excessive consumption will increase your heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating and dizziness. It can lead to sudden cause of anxiety . You should avoid the intake of such triggering substance from your diet.

It is important for you to note that overcoming panic attack is still possible no matter what stimulates your fear.

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