Types of Asthma

types of asthma

Asthma is a very common occurrence in the global population, referring to a chronic respiratory ailment. Sometimes you will experience symptoms similar to asthma though they are not qualified as this respiratory disorder. This emerges the need to have better understanding about this type of asthma disease to do proper preventive action, including treatment and cure of asthma. Using simple criteria on the predominant cause of the disease, there are two types of asthma generally classified into extrinsic and intrinsic asthma.

Extrinsic Asthma Develops due to Various External Allergens.

When a person is exposed to environment containing various allergens, he might be prone to suffer from extrinsic asthma. Such person will generally not exhibit any symptoms associated with asthma, and seem to be in a good health. However, exposure to those allergens will cause them to develop asthma symptoms quickly.

The symptoms appear indicating body reaction towards the allergen, and range from mild to severe. The allergens can be anything, from food to dust, from animal dander to smoke or pollutants.

You should note people with high vulnerability to this extrinsic asthma are likely to experience recurrent pain, ranging from mild to severe cold, cough and sneezing. You feel the pain as your respiratory tract gets weakened due to cold attack; and, since the person is vulnerable to allergies, he is more likely to suffer from asthma. This extrinsic asthma is prevalent in teenagers and kids who are exposed to pollutant containing surroundings.

This type of asthma is more prevalent in such developing countries where the laws controlling for the pollutant issue from numerous of factories tend to be very poor. This is why extrinsic asthma can be truly called as a lifestyle disease.

Since some allergens cause asthma like symptoms, it is hard to detect the true attack of asthma due to allergen. It is recommended to seek for a qualified doctor to have proper judgment related to the extrinsic asthma. In normal cases, this extrinsic asthma can be relieved by the application of anti-allergic treatments. The logic is when you tackle down the triggering allergens, you can expect for this disease to be cured.

Intrinsic Asthma Is Not Associated to Any Allergens, Rather as a Disease in Your Lung

This type of asthma does not occur as a response of allergens. The disease can suddenly occur in the later stages of life. The disease may occur to people who have no history of asthma disorders, or genetic history from the parents. Thus, it is difficult for both the doctor and the patient to trace the triggering factor of the disease. Such patients suffering from intrinsic asthma will show no response to the anti-allergic treatments.

Intrinsic asthma is commonly the type of asthma caused by existed lung disease, which exists for a long time and remains undetected. Sometimes, it is the bronchial infection that has been there since childhood and recurrent all of sudden in the later stage of life. People should take care of asthma properly in situations where they find themselves suffering from even mild symptoms.

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