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Panic Attacks – Try Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques

Sometimes you might feel that your heart races, or your face flushes, and you are starting to get difficulty in breathing. While your doctor examines, and diagnoses that you are physically in a good health, the problem lies down in your psychological state. It is a panic attack that occurs to you, showing those symptoms. Nausea, dizziness, and losing control are some other common symptoms of panic attacks. It is scary that they can lead you to feel like you are literally losing your mind.

Literally, panic attacks are a series of mental episodes of extreme fear or apprehension that bring unexpected physical reactions from your body. What can be worse and very embarrassing is that the episode does not go away within a minute or two, but needs for at least ten to thirty minutes to shrink off. Some people wrongly fear that they are having a serious heart attack during these periods and will rush to the hospital.

You can take various different treatment options that you may find helpful to overcome your anxiety. Relaxation techniques can be helpful to reduce your stress levels. Following are some relaxation methods that you try when you feel a panic attack is about to come.

breathing Take a note. Breathing is so crucial to your body to function properly. Controlled breathing can serve to help us come down from a severe anxious state to a calmer and more relaxing state. You may have seen the breathing techniques on some movies when the figure there gets panic attack feels extremely anxious, and that is because it works.

Start your controlled breathing by inhaling your breath deeply and slowly through your nose to a count of four and exhaling through your mouth to a count of four. Be sure that you focus and pay attention to your breathing. Put your hands on your stomach and feel the breath come in and out.

This controlled breathing should bring immediate ease to reduce your panic attacks and anxiety.

Muscle Relaxation
muscle relaxation Muscle relaxation allows your body to get relax with your mind. This technique does excellent jobs to focus your attention on your body and helps you to take away your scattered thoughts.

Lie down if possible, and set your attention on your toes. Try to relax your toes completely. Move on then to your feet and relax them. Proceed to your ankle and relax them. Keep progressing to the entire parts of your body until you relax the tip of your head. Once you focus and relax your head, you are supposed to be relaxed and restore your focus, if not start over.

Stop Doing Strenuous and Exhausting Activity and Go to Your Favorite Happy Place
If you are working then have a break. If you are driving, pull over. You should get away from any activities that require you to concentrate and allow yourself to have some relaxing moment. Visualize an image that makes you relaxed and happy to allow your brain release unexpected negative thoughts. Your focus on that happy image will soon reduce your anxiety.

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