Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Options for Panic Attacks Treatment

Panic attacks can occur to anyone at anytime. It happens because they do not know when the attack comes. To overcome these problems, it is necessary to know how to handle it. You should know that not all of attacks can be cured by drugs. Therefore, you should try to seek for various options of Panic attacks treatment.

It is highly recommended that you visit a psychiatrist to consult your condition. The psychiatrist will work with you to develop proper therapy and even medication to help you overcome sudden anxiety in the future. Below are some therapies that you can try to cure your panic attacks.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered the most effective choice by psychologists and people to overcome stress that occur in a person’s life. This therapy focuses on the cognitive behavioral therapytriggers and stimuli that lead panic attacks to happen. Therapist will work with the patients using different settings and guide the patients to get through such stressful situation by showing results that are not intimidating or threatening at all.

During the session, your therapist will set a given scenario, for instance, going to a grocery store. Some patients suffering from mild or severe agoraphobia will feel threatened when they are surrounded by people. Then, therapist described a situation where the patient will finish their grocery successfully without any incident happen. Every session does not run successfully but it shows the patient how to fit in to different situations.

Exposure Therapy
Exposure therapy uses actual stimuli during the treatment to draw out the feeling of fear and dread from the patient. This therapy is aimed to improve the patient’s control so that they can encounter panic attack even at its worst. During the session the patients will have some exercises, among them are hyperventilating, holding their breath, and staying in an enclosed room for a few minutes.

The therapist utilizes a secured and controlled situation to show the patients that they have various possible ways to overcome their disorder regardless of situation at hand.

Pharmacological Aid
Some might consider that pharmacological aid is not actually a panic attacks treatment. However, the application of prescription medication takes part quite often during any therapy sessions and treatments for anxiety. The use of such medications as antidepressant and anti-anxiety pills as well is determined by a psychologist who knows and understands very well the patient’s history and progress.

The use of prescription medication should only be taken as a supplementary part to enhance the therapy effectiveness. It is important that you consult your physiologist or therapist to know the root cause of your attacks. Medication will never touch its root cause; therefore, it is not recommended to keep consuming medication without your therapist’s suggestion.

The best method to approach stress, or even panic disorder, is by teaching the patient valuable ways to cope with their unique situations in terms of cause, and what they actually imagine when anxiety disorder, in order to make them less intimidating or threatening.

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