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Are You Suffering from Panic Attacks ?

panic attacks symptomsPanic or anxiety is actually normal defense mechanism that we can benefit from. It helps us panic attacks symptoms to be vigilant and alert to any possible danger that we should encounter in daily basis. This panic or anxiety mechanism is based on the common reason, in which we judge the risk and possible ways to overcome it. However, panic can come in an excessive degree that surpasses beyond common sense. It is abnormal anxiety that may disrupt your daily functioning. And, when panic attacks, you may feel like you are going to lose control and exhibit some other common symptoms.

If you suffer from panic attacks symptoms, you may experience a sudden attack, intense fear or apprehension, and symptoms from other distinct anxiety disorders. There are unexpected times when you are at sudden overwhelmed by extreme and unreasonable feeling of dread. Or, you exhibit at least four symptoms simultaneously. These symptoms include abruptly impulsive heavy sweating, trembling or shaking hands, palpitations, and an extreme dry mouth. Also, you may experience difficulty in breathing, tightness in your chest, dizzy, feel of being suffocated, and several other symptoms.

This disorder can be grouped into either moderate or severe case based on its frequency of occurrence. A moderate case is when the sufferer experiences less than sixteen attacks within a period of four weeks. Meanwhile, a severe diagnosis is defined for the sufferer who has more than sixteen attacks in a month.

Individuals who suffer from panic attacks symptoms need to seek out immediate medical treatment. Medical records tell us that only 20% of those who suffer from severe cases panic attack cure can expect this stressful problem to fade away on its own. And, unless they receive immediate, proper treatment, the rest can develop into a point in which the individuals are incapable of normally functioning. The impact of severe symptoms can frequently lead to depression and despair creating numerous problems which totally knock you out of the race, as some often attempt suicide.

Psychotherapy applies an approach called cognitive behavioral therapy in order to provide proper treatment for panic disorders. This therapy focuses on how your thoughts and ideas can affect your body react. During the session, you will learn the relationship between your thought and the anxiety or panic that you are suffering from. Psychoanalytical oriented therapy highlights its roots and focuses on your personality and your fear. Prescription medications also take place to handle panic attacks symptoms. These medications are applied in conjunction with psychotherapy to accelerate the healing process. Take note that medications should go only due to your therapist’s recommendation. Be aware that you should start with low dose before going to work.

When you realize that it is panic attack symptom you suffer from, it is highly recommended that you should go for medical attention. Therefore, a medical professional will evaluate and guide you to comprehend such triggering environment that can lead to similar symptoms. Proper understanding about the condition and its trigger will help you to obtain proper treatment for your condition.

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