How to cure asthma

Cure Asthma

Having been known as a common disease, anyone may experience the sensation of asthma-related symptoms. However, asthma does not belong to uncontrollable illness. People should be aware of foods and things which serve as asthma triggers. There are many things to consider when dealing with asthma. Despite the fact that the main cause of asthma has still not yet known, it is commonly associated with genetics, allergies, weight and environment.

Asthma-related symptoms include a wheezing and short breath, chest pain and stiffness. There is also disturbance while sleeping at night and doing physical activity due to coughing and shortness of breath. Thus, to cope with those torturing asthma-related symptoms, the following natural ways that help cure asthma are perfect to consider.

1. Practice Buteyko Breathing Technique

The so-called Buteyko breathing technique was first introduced by Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. It is typically a shallow-breathing movement done to help with asthma-related symptoms. This breathing technique works by raising the level of carbon dioxide in blood. Carbon dioxide helps you to widen the bronchial tube’s smooth muscles. It has been revealed that people who try to practice Buteyko breathing technique are less likely to develop the asthma-related symptoms than to those who use another breathing technique. Inhaler will be seldom used when you are practicing this asthma-relief breathing technique.

2. Consume Omega Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids help you decrease the level of arachidonic acid which can trigger asthma-related symptoms. Arachidonic acid can be found in meat, egg yolks, and shellfish, thus such foods need to be avoided. It was found that children and adults with asthma have a high level of arachidonic acid. Meanwhile, omega fatty acids can be found from fish oil, borage or evening primrose oil. You may find omega fatty acids available in capsule form. The intake of fish oil capsules should be before meals to reduce the fishy aftertaste.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

People who are accustomed to eating leafy vegetables, tomatoes, carrots and fruits are less likely to experience asthma than those who do not consume fruits and vegetables regularly. It is said that a high consumption of apples may help your asthma and prevent you from such painful symptoms. An everyday consumption of fruits and vegetables during childhood and even adulthood can also reduce the risk of asthma-related symptoms. Even more, vitamin C and manganese will help and cure asthma.

4. Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the serious causes of asthma-related symptoms according to some studies. If you are obese and have asthma, you need some lifestyle changes. It is hard at first but learning how to lose your weight and control asthma will bring you to a fulfilling life.

While you are considering some things that help your asthma-related symptoms, it is important to bear in mind that you should also do and avoid some other things. Keep your house clean, as well as control the dampness and humidity. Do not keep animals in your house if you are allergic to animal dander. You should also avoid pollutants and smoke, extreme temperatures, and try to see your doctor regularly for asthma checking.

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