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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy flowchart

While there is no advantage of being a sufferer of panic attacks, individual with anxiety nowadays does have one benefit. It is much easier to find the treatment than it has ever been. There are now many approaches available for effective treatment. One of the proven treatments is cognitive behavioral therapy.

This therapy will try to change the sufferer’s negative thinking which accompanies and triggers a panic attack. It is truly psychological moment. Your ability to manage and control your attack in large part depends on what you are thinking when an onset is imminent. If your first response is, “Here I go again! I need to run away before I am fooling myself,” you simply increase your own anxiety, and the symptoms will be more uncontrollable.

The sufferers will learn and practice to alter your self-talk. Instead of complaining and panicking when a panic attacks, you will practice to tell and command yourself that you can manage the situation. If your heart starts pounding, be sure that many people have elevated heart rates. If the attack persists, remind yourself that you will survive as it will decrease before very long. It is rare that the attack lasts longer than twenty minutes. As the session goes further, you will develop your self-confidence to challenge your without panicking.

CBT explainedDuring cognitive behavioral therapy, you will develop your skills to face your negative thoughts and self help for panic attacks realize any distorted thinking you show when you are in panic. It is no surprise that other people can be totally oblivious that you are suffering from an attack. It is beneficial to reduce your anxiety level if you are able to recognize your wrong beliefs about anxiety. You are likely to eliminate the attacks by challenging them all the way.

The techniques applied in behavioral therapy for panic attack treatment include session when you allow yourself to feel anxious each day. However, there is limitation applied for you to feel anxious. It will provide you a whole hour to worry or fear of whatever you want. In this hour, tell yourself to challenge your fears even when your mind begins to look for distraction. Stop worrying as one hour is up. If your fears return, tell them to wait until tomorrow when you are going to provide them another hour. You will surely get bored with your fears and worries before an hour is up. You will eventually realize that such boring thing can’t be as bad as you think.

However, if you don’t have that hour for your worries, another panic attack strategy is to simply attach an image to kick away them once they penetrate into your mind. For instance, try picturing a nig stop sign or a flashing red light or a barrier into your mind whenever anxious feeling pops up. Or, imagine your anxiety as a weed and pull its root up every time you see it. After undergoing some practice in your treatment, you can expect your mind to automatically block any unwanted anxiety.

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